Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It fits!

I restarted the Kaw Kaw Monkey sock on larger (2.5mm) needles. Instead of the Channel Island cast-on, which I thought turned out looking a little funny, I did the Twisted German cast-on. I really like it; it's very stretchy. After a couple of repeats, I tried it on and it fits! I don't tend to like tall socks so I just did 4 repeats. Now I've turned the heel, switched back to smaller needles (2.25mm), and am doing the gusset decreases. I'm really loving this sock. The colors are gorgeous. The more I look at it, the more I like the colors and the way they look together. The pattern, as most knitters know, is also fabulous. It's easy and beautiful. Much more exciting for me than a plain stockinette sock, but not so difficult that I need a pattern.

Over the weekend we went camping at Clearlake with a couple of friends. Oh my goodness it was hot. It didn't even cool down much at night. We swam in the lake some, which felt nice since it was so hot, but it wasn't too nice since there were a lot of people in a relatively small area (why is the swimming area so small in such a large lake?) and there was quite a bit of algae. Ewww. Overall it was a nice weekend. Maybe we'll go back next year, but in the spring before it's so hot.

This weekend is our 11th anniversary! We're sort of going away for the weekend, leaving BoyMonkey with my mom. It's only sort of going away since we're staying at a hotel in the city. We plan on seeing a show of some sort on Saturday (we'll get tickets that morning at the half-price booth), maybe going to a museum, eating at nice restaurants, and just relaxing. Ahhh, to be temporarily child-free..... Since our wedding was before the age of digital cameras, I don't have a wedding picture to post. If I get a chance I'll scan in a picture and post it soon.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Yay! So glad the Monkey Kaw Kaw is fitting! The German Twisted is my new favorite cast on since camp... it really is stretchy!

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned. Enjoy :)

cockeyed said...

...your monkeys are looking great! Have a great time this weekend and Happy Anniversary!