Thursday, February 18, 2010


My Olympic Skew socks are coming along. I'm starting up the leg of the first sock and they're turning out pretty well so far. They might be a little tight across my high instep, but I think they'll fit okay. I briefly considered ripping back and trying to make the instep a little looser, but decided that given the construction of these socks, it wasn't worth the hassle or the risk. Knowing me, I'd totally screw them up.There is still at least a vague chance I'll finish the socks on time (if I ever close the computer and get knitting, that is). One sock is coming close to being completed and we are less than halfway through the Olympics. I haven't knit this much or this obsessively since before SweetiePetitie was born!

There has been some other knitting recently. I made this cute pilot hat for my step-brother and his wife who are expecting a baby soon. It's a little small on SweetiePetitie, but it's good enough for documenting how it came out. I liked it so much that I started another out of leftover STR for her. It's rather sad that the baby of a knitter has no handknit hats that fit at the moment. It's a situation that must be remedied promptly! Well, in a week or so after I finish my Ravelympic socks!

In totally unrelated news, BoyMonkey lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. We haven't managed to take a picture of "the window in his mouth," as he says. He was the first in his class to have a loose tooth. He was so excited when it finally fell out and the tooth fairy left him a dollar. SweetiePetitie is pulling to a stand and cruising around the furniture. It won't be too long before she's walking, but I'd like to delay that for a bit, if possible. She's only 10 months old! Shall we end with a bit of brotherly love and sisterly rejection?

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Beth said...

Nice earflap hat! My ravelry pattern search lead me to your blog post. Dare I cast one on for my cousin's baby shower on Saturday?